"More Creating & Maintaining a Practical based Safety Culture –
Turning Intention Into Action©"

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MBQ Solutions Inc.
111 Pages

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"Say what to do and do what you say." It's a pretty simple concept!

In "More Creating and Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture - Turning Intention into Action©", we will explore how we turn whatever intentions your company has for the management of occupational health and safety into activities by your employees and management staff that actually gets safety excellence to be created. Combining the operational intentions and the behaviours of the humans working in your organization is how achieving health and safety management is truly accomplished.

We will be exploring a number of processes and tools that we can use to help people understand what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. We will be rethinking a repurposing several common techniques in new ways. Many of the things we will be discussing you will already have developed in your occupational health and safety management system. What will be new is how these processes that you may already have are linked in an integrated way to ensure that the intentions are accomplished through managed activities and behaviours.

"How to Hold GREAT Safety Meetings –
These meetings don't suck anymore!©"

How to Hold GREAT Safety Meetings – These meetings don't suck anymore!©
ISBN 978-0-9737485-5-0
MBQ Solutions Inc.
64 pages

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How to Hold GREAT Safety Meetings!

Chances are good that your last safety meeting wasn't outstanding, awesome or fabulous. There's a very good chance that you would NOT describe it as the "best meeting you've ever attended". Well, you're not alone. The overwhelming majority of people when asked say that their safety meetings fall very short of these descriptions. In fact, some describe their safety meetings as some of the absolute worst they have had to attend. These "bad meetings" are all too common. They are a function of well-meaning people, wanting to make it safe where they work, but just not knowing how to hold a GREAT safety meeting.

There are ways to have Great Safety Meetings. Meetings that people want to go to. Meetings that get things accomplished and have the participants feel good because these meetings were a good use of their time and effort. It's going to take some reflection; a bit of hard work and some trial and error but your organization can start having GREAT safety meetings.


Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture©
ISBN 978-0-9737485-1-2
MBQ Solutions Inc.
165 pages

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What a concept! Finally... a practical approach to safety management!

Tired of delivery safety to your employees like pizza in a box? Tired of using some cookie-cutter safety program that just doesn't work for you or your employees?

You may have already found that these things just don’t work. Start incorporating safety into your already successful company practices! Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture within your company will ensure that safety will be ingrained into everything your employees do. Furthermore, we will explain how to get the all- important “buy-in” from your employees so that they will begin taking safety seriously.

Creating & Maintaining a Practical Based Safety Culture is all about what we think and do about making the work we do safe. You won’t find any “OH&S Management Standards” with big numbers in their titles created by groups of anonymous authors telling you how to run your business. These are things that you can do using the same skills you use to currently run your business.
This book is essential reading for everyone who has a responsibility to make their places of work safe and healthy. Wait! That’s everyone... from the CEO to the employees on the front lines.

Make your safety activities practical and functional. Best of all make them GET RESULTS!

A perfect companion for your copy of “The Emperor Has No Hard Hat – Achieving REAL Workplace Safety Results” - Honourable Mention - Toronto Globe & Mail – Best Business Books of 2006.


WINNER, Honourable Mention, Globe and Mail's Best Business Books of 2006

The Emperor Has No Hard Hat: Achieving REAL Workplace Safety Results©
ISBN 0-9737485-0-8
MBQ Solutions Inc.
408 pages, illustrated

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That's the premise behind Alan D. Quilley's book, "The Emperor Has no Hard Hat: Achieving REAL Workplace Safety Results".

The book not only explains why traditional safety programs are doomed to fail - it tells you exactly what to do to develop an OH&S system that will truly make YOUR organization safer.

The book is an entertaining introduction to Integrated Safety Management, the evidence-based safety management system that Alan Quilley has developed during his over thirty years as an OH&S professional.

Integrated Safety Management (abbreviated ISM, rhyming with "prism") is a set of interrelated concepts and tools that companies can use to dramatically improve their safety performance. ISM is a comprehensive, compelling - and most of all, effective - model of safety.

ISM offers organizations a strong Return on Investment (ROI) - not only financial returns, but legal and moral returns as well. Typical Returns on Investment include:

  • Financial - reduce accident costs; reduce WCB payments; unlock a huge reservoir of valuable employee talents andresources by giving employees a new sense of empowerment, engagement, and influence in their jobs
  • Legal - comply with legislation, cover due diligence requirements
  • Moral - fewer accidents; knowing you've done the right thing

The ISM system is totally evidence-based. Each company is shown how to use its own evidence to prove to itself that the concepts are working.

"The Emperor Has No Hard Hat" explains the powerful, far-reaching safety concepts of ISM in an entertaining, easy to grasp way. No obscure academic language here - all the ideas are presented in clear, plain-English terms!

The book includes plenty of examples to help illustrate the ideas. Between the theory sections, you'll follow the ongoing safety efforts of the fictitious Imperial Chariot & Lyre Company, whose hapless Emperor has to rely on his new Safety Officer, Hans Preventicus, and his Line Manager, Greta Doitfastica, to save the day and bring safety alive at Imperial Chariot & Lyre.

It's time for workplace safety systems to evolve! Join the Emperor and his staff on their journey to effective workplace safety. "The Emperor Has No Hard Hat" will show you exactly what to do to make yourself and your employees safer.

"I’ve spent countless weeks studying OH&S course textbooks (Geller, Petersen, DNV, etc.) and motivational publications by Daniels, Covey, and Carnegie just to name a few. The one indispensable book I always loan out is “The Emperor Has No Hard Hat: Achieving REAL Workplace Safety Results”.

It effectively integrates all these philosophies into an amusing, fun to read experience illustrating simple strategies to implement as a culture progresses and matures. This is one of my best book investments and something to seriously consider aiding you"
Posted by Jeff van der Ploeg, CRSP


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Excerpt #1 - Introduction (326 KB PDF)

Excerpt #2 - Overview of ISM (223 KB PDF)

Excerpt #3 - Accountability (239 KB PDF)

Excerpt #4 - ROI & Selling Safety (439 KB PDF)

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